Ruth Rymer

Shortly after I passed the bar on my fortieth birthday, I noticed that female attorneys were not treated as well as their male counterparts in the practice of law. This observation inspired me to advocate for women’s rights throughout my legal career in the Bay Area.

My roles as President of Queen’s Bench and the NorCal Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers would prepare me for statewide leadership.

In 1977, I chaired the commission that established family law as a certified specialty in California, making family law a more respectable practice for attorneys.

Leading women out of subjugation and into equality has given my life deep meaning and great joy. I am humbled to report that The Best Lawyers in America listed me every year from 1988 until the year 2000 when I retired.

Before practicing law, I earned a Graduate Gemology degree. Today I still enjoy working with jewelry and gifting it as party favors.

I have two grown children and have survived the loss of a child. My four books include the lay text California Divorce: Through the Legal Maze, historical novel Susannah, A Lawyer: From Tragedy to Triumph; Perfect Clarity: A Novel about Our Male-Dominated Misogynist Society and Four Women Who Fought Back (1874 to the Present); and my own life story, Raising the Bar: A Lawyer’s Memoir.