Books by Ruth Rymer

Raising The Bar

Ruth Rymer passed the bar in 1971, a year before Ruth Bader Ginsburg became general counsel to the ACLU Women’s Rights Project. As a newly minted attorney who had already experienced narcissism, Ruth Rymer made it her mission to root out misogyny in her professional life. In her memoir, Ruth recounts a childhood with her biochemist mom and psychiatrist dad, describing herself as a “child in residence” at their apartment in the Denver psychiatric hospital where her dad served his residency. Later, while traveling with her father, who was providing expert testimony in a murder trial, thirteen-year-old Ruth decided she wanted to be a lawyer because “lawyers get to walk around the courtroom and ask the questions.”

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Susannah, A Lawyer
SKU: 9781934938416

Young college graduate Susannah Reed is brutally attacked and nearly killed in 1877. While recovering, she vows to study law, although The United State Supreme Court has just declared that women are too timid and delicate to be lawyers. Susannah's fiance accepts her victim status and the child conceived during her sexual assault. However, he expects his wife be a beautiful object, not opposing counsel at the dinner table. 

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Perfect Clarity
SKU: 9781545604977

Four incredible women from vastly different time periods have one thing in common--a fervent desire to overcome the misogyny that surrounds them. Between 1874 and the present, the world looks different. From world wars to unprecedented technological advances, it would seem that nothing remains unchanged. That assumption, however, is entirely wrong. Misogyny remains a woman's greatest challenge.
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